What is Logos Bible Software?

Digitale bibliotheek

Digital Library

Logos Bible Software is also your personal library. Herein lies Faithlife’s business model: in selling digital libraries. Because the production costs of digital books are one-time costs, many books are priced relatively low. Especially in the base packages where you can sometimes buy hundreds of books for about 1 dollar per book!

Research Tool

What makes this digital library impressive is that all books are indexed and fully integrated into the software. This enables Logos to collect all relevant information from all your resources that applies to a certain subject or to a certain Bible reference or passage.  

In no time this information is all neatly presented in an organized information guide. This makes Logos an extremely powerful and advanced research tool, saving you valuable time that you rather want to put into real study.  

The bigger your digital library, the more information Logos will present to you from your own library. On the other hand you can customize Logos in such a way that you can easily find your way through this information. So take a look at the contents of different base packages to see which bundle suits you best. 

Example of how Logos carries out your research and presents everything to you in a neat report (click the image for a larger image)