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What is Logos?

Bible Study Software

Logos Bible Software is one of the best if not the best Bible Software in the world. An advanced, powerful and multifaceted computer program for everyone. A basic version of the software is provided by Faithlife for FREE.

Digital Library

Logos offers a digital integrated library that allows you to study any passage thoroughly and in-depth. The more resources you have, the more relevant information Logos will collect. All this information is then neatly presented to you in an organized and customizable way.   

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Tips & Tricks

Logos has many advanced features and sometimes a beginning user does not know where to start using the software. If that is you, no worries: we are here to help you get started!

This website has a growing number of tips & tricks. These tips & tricks will enable you to start using Logos Bible Software as efficiently and as effectively as possible. 

Applying those tips & tricks will save you a lot of valuable time. Time you rather want to invest in actual studying the God’s Word! 

Tips & Tricks For Beginners

  • Take time to label your resources
  • Create collections of resources
  • Create a shortcut link to your most favorite resources
  • Link similar resources to each other with link sets

Tips & Tricks For Intermediate Users

  • Prioritise your resources
  • Customize your own Passage Guide
  • Use the Favorites tool smartly
  • Use search fields to generate more specific search results 
  • Examples of advanced search queries
Gratis boek van de maand


Many Logos resources are already cheaply priced, especially when you buy them as part of a base library (or base package). If you purchase a base package you often pay about a dollar per resource! Besides Faithlife offers special deals around the year. You will find some on our website, but if you don’t want to miss any special offer, you can sign up for our monthly newsletter

Book Reviews

In this section of the website we review a variety of Logos resources. We primarily focus on popular products and products that we recommend for your study of the Bible. First we give a brief description of the product. Then we describe why this resource would be a valuable addition to your library. Finally we provide for your convenience a few links where you can buy those resources, including websites of Logos, Amazon and ChristianBook.com.   

combineer je bijbel software met een digitale bibliotheek


Do you want to receive a personalized advice about which library best fits your context? We are happy to help you out and assist you finding the best solution for you! 
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