131 Christians Everyone Should Know

Why Do We Recommend This Book? 

After reading this book you will never find (church) history boring, if you ever had that thought. The editors of Christian History magazine have put together a great list of sketches about a very diverse range of Christians who made a difference one way or another. History isn’t just dates, statistics, and grand social movements. It’s people—people from many callings:

  • Theologians — e.g. Athanasius and Jonathan Edwards
  • Evangelists and Apologists — e.g. Justyn Martyr and Billy Graham
  • Pastors and Preachers — e.g. John Chrysostom and Richard Baxter
  • Musicians — e.g. Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frederic Handel
  • Artists and Writers — e.g. Rembrandt and C. S. Lewis
  • Poets — e.g. Dante and Fanny Crosby
  • Denominational Founders — e.g. Richard Allen and Aimee Semple McPherson
  • Movers and Shakers — e.g. Dominic and John Wycliffe
  • Missionaries — e.g. Patrick and David Livingstone
  • Inner Travelers — e.g. Brother Lawrence and Oswald Chambers
  • Activists — e.g. Sojourner Truth and Lord Shaftesbury
  • Rulers — e.g. Charlemagne and Henry VII
  • Scholars and Scientists — e.g. Eusebius of Caesarea and Nicolas Copernicus
  • Martyrs — e.g. Perpetua and Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Reading this book not only reminded me of these wonderful Christian brothers and sisters, it also inspired me greatly to see how so many Christians made a difference in the lives of other people through their faith and perseverance, and in all areas of life.

You will be inspired by this wide variety of Christians who went before us and who influenced the world in one way or another.