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Faithlife Study Bible

Why Do We Recommend This Book?

The Faithlife Study Bible is claimed to be the world’s largest study Bible. It is designed for digital usage and includes thousands of notes, high resolution, full color infographics, videos, tables, timelines and over a hundred articles written by scholars and pastors across the world. Three layers of notes allow you to dig deeper in the text as you find answers to your biblical questions. Based on the original languages of the Bible, it is translation independent, with seven supported English translations in the notes.

The paper version costs more than $50, but the original Logos edition is available for free, which makes purchasing the book an absolute no-brainer.

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NIV Study Bible

Why Do We Recommend This Book? 
Users of the NIV will find this Study Bible extremely helpful because of the many study tools included in this edition. Many study notes help the user understand the details of the Bible text, while tons of cross-references assist you as you compare Scripture with Scripture. This Study Bible also has a modest concordance in the back, as well as a topical index that enables you to easily and quickly find Bible passages that relate to the topic you are studying. Moreover, each book of the Bible is preceded by a thorough Introduction with lots of background information that helps you better understand that particular Bible book in its original context.