Ukarumpa Training Centre

Pacific Institute of Languages, Arts and Translation (PILAT)

The Ukarumpa Training Centre is the place that hosts the Pacific Institute of Languages, Arts and Translation, a.k.a. PILAT. PILAT is a joint venture between PNG BTA and SIL PNG. Its mission is to train Papua New Guineans to become Bible translators, translation advisors and translation consultants. Through such capacity building Papua New Guineans are equipped and prepared to take ownership of Bible translation in their country. 

PILAT welcomes around 400 students a year, representing about a 100 different languages from all across Papua New Guinea. It is a place where PNG Bible translators discover that they are not working alone, but that are part of a nationwide movement of Bible Translation.  

This video gives a great peek into the approach of teaching in a Melanesian way that is adopted at PILAT. The video features an introductory Hebrew course in which we use a lot of oral/aural and visual approaches, which makes the course not only effective, but also real fun! 

Courses in Biblical Studies, Linguistics & Translation

PILAT offers a wide variety of courses in several areas related to language and translation, including: 

  • Bible Knowledge & Exegesis
    Introduction to the OT / NT, Basic Exegesis
  • Languages & Linguistics 
    Biblical Greek / Hebrew, Discover Your Language
  • Translation
    Translators’ Training Course, Back Translation
  • Translation Software
    Basic Computing, Paratext, Logos Bible Software
  • Other Areas
    Initial Skills Course, English Enrichment, Program Planning

Students attend courses in block periods of two up to six weeks, in which they can fully concentrate on one particular subject. After the course, they are sent home with an assignment which they will finish in their villages before they come back for further training.