Education for Life

Promoting Literacy in PNG Using Technology

SIL-Education for Life (EFL) promotes literacy in Papua New Guinea in free and practical ways, by producing educational books and Bible stories for use on smart phones and tablets.  Print versions of these books are also possible. The EFL team focuses on creating digital ‘Talking Books’ with audio narration, to improve students’ comprehension and pronunciation. EFL’s goal is to level the playing field for all children in Papua New Guinea, no matter what language they speak.  Thus, the team encourages written and audio translations of these books into minority languages.  

Beautifully illustrated books are currently available in English and Tok Pisin, as well as in 29 vernacular languages. The collection of digital books are available to anyone for free, either on SD cards, or through downloads from

Recently, the EFL team has begun producing interactive digital books, called “Do Books”, to help young children develop skills in: Following instructions; Identifying basic patterns, shapes and colours; Matching and sorting; and Identifying and using numbers and letters. The EFL team also offers training for individuals and groups, in the creation of digital and print books, using Bloom technology.

Solar Projector Kits for Schools in Remote Areas

For teachers in remote villages, with no access to power, EFL has designed a Solar Projector Kit (SPK) with just the necessary components to allow teachers to share digitally with their students. From 2017-2019, a study was conducted with the SPK kits used in 30 schools in three provinces. There was much positive feedback.  Student attendance increased, along with student reading skills.  Teachers also felt well equipped to lead their students in age-appropriate curriculum.  The SPK kit includes an LED projector, a screen, an android phone and a blue tooth speaker.  For remote settings, solar panels and batteries are also available.  

Digital Bloom Books in PNG Schools

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